Onion Eating Contest

Onion Eating Contest
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Onion Eating Contest Pine Island NY

Sunday, September 1, 4pm

About the Pine Island Onion Eating Contest
The Pine Island Chamber of Commerce will hold its twelfth annual Pine Island Onion Eating Contest on Sunday, Sept. 1, at the Polish Legion of American Veterans Pavilion at 4 p.m. The contest is in celebration of Pine Island’s 3,000 acres of hearty onions that are famous throughout America.

This event is held in cooperation with the annual Onion Festival featuring 18-time Grammy Award winner Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra.

The winner will receive a check for $100 from the Orange County Vegetable Growers Association and a plaque sponsored by the Orange County Farm Bureau.

Registration is limited to 12 contestants and pre-registration is required. Contestants may register by calling Russell Kowal at 258-4792 or any chamber officer. For advance tickets to the Onion Festival call 1-800-724-0727.

For more information on the Onion Eating Contest, email the Chamber