Community Members

Show your support for our community, programs, local businesses and chamber events. Have a voice in local issues and advocacy. Pine Island Chamber of Commerce Community Membership is just $25/annually.

Catherine M. Bookey
Dara Ellen Breitkopf
Katherine Brieger
Debbie Brunjes
Thom Cassidy
Rosemary Cooper
Nicole Conklin
Frances Gasienica Gallardo
Cheetah Haysom daParma
Sondra Hall
Evelyn Hennigar

Aurora Iannelli
Frieda Jones
Ron Jones
Russell Kowal
Barbara Lanza
Barbara Lyons
Joseph Maggio
Linda McCauley
James McCosker
Susan McCosker
Jennifer O’Connor

Theresa Ruscillo
Hanne Ruszkiewicz
Raymond Ruszkiewicz
Nancy Scheinert
Jeanette Shanahan
Solveig Umbach
Jonathan Umbach
Diana Whiteman
Janet Zimmerman
Jerry Zimmerman

Your membership supports:
Pine Island Beautification Program, Black Dirt Scholarship, Black Dirt Feast, Annual Pumpkinfest, Community Tree Lighting, Advocacy for Pine Island, Local Business Promotion, plus discounts on Chamber Events. Dues are tax-deductible.