LoveWork: Skills for a Relational Life

LoveWork: Skills for a Relational Life

Local therapist Jerry Sander, LCSW specializes in relationships: marriage counseling, rebuilding after divorce, and parenting/step-parenting. He offers weekend Essential Relational Skills Boot Camp trainings for those who wish to learn how to love better. Singles and couples can transform relationships from crummy to good, or from good to excellent with the regular application of skills that we'd never been taught.

Jerry is an adjunct instructor at NYU in their Masters of Social Work program, where he also got his degree and has 36 years of post-graduate experience. He's lived in Warwick since 1992 and in Amity since 2014. He's married, and the father of four young adults.

With Kristy Gaisford, LCSW (of Salt Lake City, UT), he is co-host of the podcast, "LoveWork: Skills for a Relational Life."