Citizen of the Year & Installation of Officers

Congratulations our new Board and Citizen of the Year! We are a better community because of people like you.

We also want to thank Joseph Maggio our retiring treasurer and Janet Zimmerman who is stepping down from the board after many years of service. We are forever indebted to you for what you have done for our hamlet. Click here for photos of the event.

2022-2023 Board of Directors:
Officers: Susan McCosker, President; Nancy Scheinert, Vice President; Paul Ruszkiewicz, Treasurer; Gregory DeBuck, Secretary

Directors: Peter Artusa, Leonard M. DeBuck, John Redman, John Ruszkiewicz, Marsha Talbot

Citizen of the Year: Jorgé Torres

The Pine Island Citizen of the Year goes to Jorgé Torres. Jorgé is probably most well known as being a local resident and owner of The Harvest Restaurant in Pine Island. However, the last eight years or so, Jorgé has been a major participant in the Alamo Farmworker’s Center’s winter hot meals program, when dinners are delivered to farm camps in the area. He has also been an incredibly gracious business owner and helper to our Chamber for many events over the past two decades.

Youth Achievement Recipient: Vanessa Ortiz Aguilar

Vanessa has completed more than one hundred hours of training to become a Community Health Worker for the Sun River Medical Center. She is the youngest member of this program. As a Community Health Worker, she has trained more than three hundred fifty adults in child safety on the farm.

Youth Achievement Recipient: John Ruszkiewicz

John is a member of the first-place state Conduct of Chapter Meeting team. He was on the Environmental Science team that placed third in New York. He expects to receive his FFA Empire Degree at the 2023 New York State FFA Convention. He is a member of the national Honor Society and has been a frequent volunteer for various Chamber events.

Photos from our 2022 Event

Photos: Jerry Zimmerman and Renelle Lorray

Photos: Jerry Zimmerman and Renelle Lorray